Upon discovering the work of James Warren

James A. Warren, Director, NIST Center for Theoretical & Computational Materials Science,
100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899

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First email: 24 March 2023 at 7:27 AM 

Dear Dr. James Warren:

I believe the only scale invariance from the most infinitesimal to the largest is the circle and sphere. Yet, the applications for pi (π) are as varied as they are fundamental. Multiscale modeling could follow pi (π) but we have not formally recognized how Max Planck’s base units (1899) can be extended mathematically by applying base-2 notation to those numbers. That provides a most simple pathway from the smallest to the largest. If circles and spheres are assumed, we have a very different outline of our universe in just 202 notations.

NIST is a national treasure. One of my mentors was Phil Davis; he was at Brown when I met him, but for many years he served the founding organization of NIST as its chief mathematician. 

I have communicated with three people at NIST, David B. Newell, Peter J. Mohr and Barry Taylor. My work is so idiosyncratic they may remember those exchanges.

I wish you well with your work. The MGI is exceedingly important. If and only if the MGI folks begin to appreciate this most-simple,  continuity-symmetry-harmony equation that so fundamentally defines our universe, they will not appreciate that it is all based on perfected-states in space-time that can only involve circles and spheres and act accordingly.

So, my warmest thoughts go out to you all in these critical times,