Upon discovering the work of Christoph Schiller…

Christoph Schiller, Motion Mountain, The Adventure of Physics, Munich, Germany

Articles: Testing a conjecture on the origin of space, gravity and mass (PDF), Indian J Phys (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12648-021-02209-8, December 2021
ArXiv (5):  From maximum force to physics in 9 lines (PDF), July 2022
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Publications: Motion Mountain: The Strand Model – A Speculation on Unification, May 2020

First email: January 5, 2022 @ 12:47 PM

Dear Dr. Christoph Schiller,

I just discovered your work through an open Google search on the words, “ArXiv + From where do the laws of physics from?” Tiny black hole whose Compton wavelength is equal to its Schwarzschild radius.”

At that moment, your 1996 ArXiv article, Does matter differ from vacuum? (PDF), was first in the list.

I then opened the abstract and wondered if you were still at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I clicked on that link to your email address and found motionmountain.net which I immediately opened.

What a sweet, bright, cheerful, educational discovery. I was impressed.

Unfortunately I am not well-trained, entirely idiosyncratic, and in need of a little head slap to get off a mission that began in a high school geometry class where my nephew asked that I take his class for a few days. I had pulled up the brake on my unfinished work on the EPR back in 1980 but things changed when I had the kids take the tetrahedron, divide the edges by 2 and go 45 base-2 steps down into particle physics and 67 steps back to the Planck scale. 

The longer story is here

After bothering many-too-many people, nobody has told me why our simple progression is meaningless. If it is, I am wasting a lot of my final years of life (I’m 74) and fishtailing with too many silly attempts to set that progression within a bigger picture. For example, this is my latest entitled, The First Particle. I’ll take it out from behind a firewall so you can have a laugh!

I love the spirit of your website from my brief introductions to it. I suspect you are a fair and honest broker of ideas. Might you spare a few lines to help me out?  Thanks.