On learning about the work of Sankar Das Sarma

Sankar Das Sarma, Distinguished University Professor, Joint Quantum Institute and Condensed Matter Theory Center, University of Maryland, College Park

• Articles: New Scientist: No Laws of Physics (9 December 2022)
• Books: Perspectives in Quantum Hall Effects, 1996
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First email: Sun, Dec 11, 2022 6:36 AM

“Physicist Says the Laws of Physics Don’t Actually Exist” – author, Noor Al-Sibai (Dec. 10, 2022)

It is difficult to imagine that a thousand years from now physicists will still use quantum mechanics as the fundamental description of nature,” Sankar Das Sarma continues, “Something else should replace quantum mechanics by that time just as quantum mechanics itself replaced Newtonian mechanics.”

Dear Prof. Dr. Sankar Das Sarma:

Microsoft featured an article about your work on their browser’s startpage today with the sensational headline, “Physicist Says the Laws of Physics Don’t Actually Exist.” The writer is Noor Al-Sibia. It’s provocative, but what you are saying is important. Nevertheless, I apologize for being among those who interrupt your day today. I’ll be quick:

Have you ever looked at a base-2 progression from the Planck base units to the current time? Our high school geometry classes did such a progression of Planck Length back in December 2011 in New Orleans: https://81018.com/home/ We added Planck time in 2014 and then the other two basic Planck units — https://81018.com/chart/ — and we’ve been more actively exploring it ever since.

There are about 64 notations before encountering CERN’s measurements of particles, waves and fluctuations. That’s a huge domain for mathematics, numbers, logic, and geometries. Have you ever explored it? If not, would you like to help us?  We need a real scholar’s scholar to keep us honest and on the straight-and-narrow:  https://81018.com/

We are not scholars, just curious people following our noses.  Thank you.




Tweet, 11 December 2022 to the article’s author, Noor Al-Sibai: Thank you for your writing, “Physicist Says the Laws of Physics Don’t Actually Exist.” It is not all subjective! There are dimensionless constants and natural units that are clues. I’ve written to the Prof. Dr. Sankar Das Sarma — https://81018.com/sarma/ — as a result. Thanks again!