Key Insight #6:

There is a geometry for imperfection that begets quantum physics and its fluctuations.

In time we will be adding video to this insight about our universe.  We first addressed the issue within pages of the website titled:
Geometries of fluctuations, imperfections and probabilities
An Introduction to Quantum Fluctuations Within Base-2 Exponentiation
 Numbers: The Pentastar
 The reference to Frank Kasper and Jeffrey C. Lagarias and Chuanming Zong are key.

A difficult topic, there were many pages that were started and never published, like this one, just made public for this discussion. There was also this initial discussion  stimulated in a session with the chairman of Google, military minds, and other creatives.

Although we were doing pentagonal geometry many years earlier, we now believe the geometry of imperfection begins with the pentastar and the pentastar gap. In all probability, these quantum geometries do not manifest until Systems (first column, eight row) begin organizing.

Our geometries continue to challenge us. The simplest geometries suggest that the universe is highly ordered and symmetric. Other geometries suggest it is chaotic and statistical. We know Daniel Schectman’s work on the five-tetrahedral pentagonal structures is very important and we will do more with it.

Even before we started this project, we were studying what we called quantum geometries. In our high school we also called it squishy geometry.

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