Max Planck opened the question, “What is a quanta of energy?”

Defense Innovation Board: July 2018, DUIx Silicon Valley, Dr. Michael Hayduk speaking (left) and board members(right)

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Background. Every generation has somebody who inculcates the spirit of Philipp von Jolly. He is often quoted as saying to Max Planck, “In this field, almost everything is already discovered, and all that remains is to fill a few holes.”[7] Although Jolly was attempting to disparage Planck from going into the field of physics, the Jolly-types today are more often putting down a new insight or idea that they believe has no place within their current formula. Of course, Max Planck went on to become the father of quantum mechanics and the one who discovered and encouraged the work of Albert Einstein. Today, our goal is to go deeper inside the meanings and values of their respective work and all of our current work.

DBI-HaydukPictured on the right is Dr. Michael Hayduk, Chief, Computing & Communications Division, Air Force Research Laboratory.  He is coordinating a global effort among our allies for quantum navigation (positioning, navigation and timing or PNT).  more to come…

Quantum computing and natural bridging… more to come… including the role of prime numbers, imperfections, and fluctuations within algorithmic systems

More to come from the work of the following:

Harvard / MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms

UMD / NIST Joint Quantum Institute

  • Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK


It is commonsense: Euclid’s Axioms where space is homogeneous, isotropic and unbounded. Newton and Hawking adopted the logic. Yet, if we adopt the dimensionless constants like pi, boundaries are introduced with the Planck base units and our most-current time (the Now).

Using that same line of thought, bounded/unbounded, where and how do algorithms emerge and might they be contained by that application of base-2?

Carlo Rovelli, Royal Institution: Quantum gravity and time  (video 30 April 2018)

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