Four of the scholars within the Pons Family

Dirk J. Pons (and Arion D. PonsAriel M. PonsAiden J. Pons)
University of Canterbury
Christchurch, New Zealand

Articles: A Physical Explanation for Particle Spin, 2019
• Speed of Light as an Emergent Property of the Fabric, Appl.Phys.Res. 2016 (VSL considered)
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Homepage: ACM, Journal of Modern Physics, Semantic Scholar

First email: Wednesday, 9 February 2022 @ 12:41 PM

TO: Dirk J. Pons, Arion D. Pons, Aiden J. Pons
RE: A Physical Explanation for Particle Spin, Journal of Modern Physics, Vol.10 No.7, June 2019
1. I appreciated your Conclusions. (If there was a way to link to them, I would.)
2. Thank you for all the References. (Ditto)
3. Our mathematical formalism is a bit simplistic, but possibly good for a moment of consideration (or, perhaps a laugh).

Congratulations on sticking your neck out and going where others fear to tread.

The world needs to know the deeper nature of particle spin, periodicity, and cyclicity. It needs to know the Fourier transform and how the two could be related.

Thank you for opening that door on particle spin a little further. You all are painfully honest.

My work (that has led me to examine the questions of spin in light of the Fourier transform) started back in 2011 with a tetrahedron. Within a high school geometry class, we started going inside and got carried away. Dividing the edges by 2, and connecting the new vertices, there were 45 steps within to get to particle physics and another 67 to get to the Planck scale.

We then used Planck’s length and time, multiplied by 2 and in 112 steps, we were back in the classroom, and in another 90 steps we were out to the age of the universe and the size of the universe. And, to our surprise, “Voilà! A base-2 map of the universe!”

We initially thought it was a good STEM tool. That was a hard-sell. I still think it’s a good STEM tool, but that’s just too idiosyncratic for most. Life is short, art is long, so now we just consider it a work of art!

We also thought logic is logic. Math is math, and continuity is continuity. Where does that all start to break down if these numbers are meaningless (as implied by the lack of any help to discern the truth by the scholarly class)? We have asked and asked for help.

So, with even more questions rattling around in my mind, I started that long slog through all the disciplines that our map touches. Today I am working on four articles:
1. That’s a first draft.
2. That’s barely a first draft.
3. Just beginning to shape it up
4. Just some rough notes from this morning
5. A few rough notes from this afternoon

Crazy? Yes, yes, still crazy after all these years:




PS. A few years ago, we enjoyed a few days in Christchurch on a self-drive tour of the islands. The recovery from the earth quakes was nothing short of miraculous.

It was a precious visit, a most precious time, and the country is filled with most lovely people. -BEC