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Pierluigi Poggiolini, Politecnico di Torino, Dipartimento di Elettronica
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Dear Prof Dr. Pierluigi Poggiolini:

Thank you for your inspirational determination and dogged persistence.

Is it possible that the universe is exponential and not linear? Could linearity simply be local?

In December 2011 our high school geometry class started on a strange Zeno-like walk inside basic geometries. First, we went inside the tetrahedron and found a smaller tetrahedron in each corner and an octahedron in the middle.  We had divided the edges by 2 and connected the new vertices. We continued that process with both objects. In 45 steps within we were in the size range of fermions. In another 67 steps within we were in the size range of the Planck Length. Being high school, we then multiplied the edges by 2, and in 90 steps we were in the range of the observable universe (and beyond). That story is here: https://81018.com/home/

Over time we continued playing with the figures by adding Planck Time (2014) and then mass and charge (2015) and then laid it out horizontally (2016): https://81018.com/chart/  All just great fun. We rather liked seeing the entire universe in just 202 steps.

We’ve been trying to figure out. We’ve asked many, “Is it meaningful?”
What do you think?