Upon following the work of Andronikos Paliathanasis…

Andronikos Paliathanasis, NFN Sez. Napoli, DUT, South Africa and UACh, Chile, La Specola Vaticana

ArXiv (169): Complex Scalar fields in Scalar-Tensor and Scalar-Torsion theories (Oct 9, 2022)
Collaboration: Snowmass 2021, Fermilab, Cosmology Intertwined IV: The Age of the Universe and
its Curvature (PDF)
, with Eleonora diValentino (Manchester), Alessandro MelchiorriJoseph Silk, Laura Mersini-Houghton, others (2020)
Homepage(s): CV PDF, Google Scholar, iNSPIREHEP, ORCID, Doctoral Thesis PDF (2014), SCOAP3
Lecture: Group Invariant Transformations in Cosmology (PDF), 2016

First email: Oct 28, 2022, 5:48 PM 

Dear Dr. Andronikos Paliathanasis:

Reading those ArXiv articles where you are the sole author, I was delighted to see something as recent as October 11, 2022.

My 1970s work was focused on the EPR paradox; I had some time with Bell in CERN, and with Aspect, Costa de Beauregard, and JP Vigier in Paris, but in 1980, I had to go in another direction

In 2011, I unwittingly picked it back up again as a result of doing a base-2 mapping of the universe from Planck’s base units with high school students

So, now I am enjoying your writings, slowly working through Complex Scalar fields in Scalar-Tensor… just one of your 163 ArXiv articles. I am attempting to discern the proper use of terms within scalar field theory: https://81018.com/penultimate/#Scalar
1. I appreciate the overview of scalar field theory within your introduction.
2. If your reference to inflation is a defacto nod to big bang theories, that’s unfortunate. I’ll dig down into your statement: “An inflationary model with a complex scalar field was proposed in [26].”

Thank you for all that you do to help clarify difficult issues.