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All global finance needs to require a natural ethics. *

The New Development Bank (NDB) was once known as the BRICS Development Bank taking the first letter of each of the 2009 founding countries, BrazilRussiaIndiaChina and South Africa. This group initiated the NDB in 2015. In 2021 Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates joined and Egypt and Uruguay will be next. Marcos Prado Troyjo, President. Press:

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@NDB_int Consider a possible new requirement to transact business with a development bank: All future lenders must adopt a highly-integrated view of the universe in order to context how local and global can be universal and ethical: is a start.

Email to NDB President, Marcos Prado Troyjo:

First email: March 11, 2022

Dear Prof. Dr. Marcos Prado Troyjo:

Of course, you know Vladimir Putin and you have direct access to him. 

On February 25 I sent him a note regarding a highly-integrated view of the universe. It encapsulates and inter-relates the entire universe within 202 base-2 notations (doublings) from the Planck units to the current time. Although it is a simple model with simple math, simple logic, and most-basic geometries, it is a paradigm shift. Definitions of space-time and infinity are much more exacting. Although it originated in 2011 within a high school geometry class, it begins to show us how our worldviews fall short. It encapsulates both Standard Models, the one for particle physics and the other for cosmology. It opens the door to a wide range of new possibilities.

We all have experienced the intimacy of our world via the web. In 1993 when I was lecturing about it, we called it a paradigm shift because it disintermediated space and time.  This emerging model goes further; it demonstrates a deeper and abiding interconnectedness within our entire universe. 

I have engaged many of Russia’s scholars at many different levels to consider it. Perhaps the Skoltech relation holds long-term possibilities for real understanding.

And, to reflect on those possibilities, I ask myself, “What could be more compelling for Russia than attempting to reclaim Ukraine?” Even with today’s advance of technologies, there are so many possibilities, but it takes imagination and sometimes radically different views than our commonsense understanding of things. 

New technologies emerge everyday now; most are incremental advances, but some require a paradigm shift within our own thinking to begin to see potential, new applications. Then it can take as long as 30 years for that technology to mature and begin to be fully exploited. 

There are so many examples. 

I looked into one, GPS technologies, and it became obvious that Russia was sitting on some of the best possible GPS addresses. I wrote it up here: and

In a similar fashion, if the global community was challenged to come up with new economic development ideas that could empower all nations but especially those who need it most, the response might overwhelm all of you in the global development markets. And, to get people to think about it and respond would require a group of you, perhaps empowered by a diverse group of development agencies and the UN, all making that challenge in concert.

Why not now? 

Ukrainian and Russian people are hurting, screaming, and dying. Time is of the essence. Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. Life is so short. And, today it is entirely transparent. I hope this email intrigues you enough to take it another step.  -BEC


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A Natural Ethics: Not only should the banking community be teaching a new ethics that is part of the very fabric of the universe, it should require that every organization and banking system within their extended community be teaching this natural ethics as well.