Skoltech, Moscow, Russia

Monday, 21 February 2022: It is important that the range from the Planck scale to the electroweak scale be examined more closely. With so many disciplines not on the grid — Langlands programs, string and M-theory, SUSY, dark energy, dark matter, and so much more — we need to create a grid for it all. Apply base-2 to the Planck scale and the universe is encapsulated within 202 notations — — and the first 64 notations are much too small to measure but not too small for all that mathematics.

I wrote to your president about it, yet we all know he is extraordinarily busy. That note is here:

I would be delighted to discuss this grid within any of the people of Skoltech. Thank you. -Bruce


Paradigmatic shifts to engage the infinitesimal:
1. Calculations like Max Planck’s base units or George Johnstone Stoney‘s provide the small scale limits of physicality and of space-time. Although to date, these are symbolic numbers, each is close enough to create working models.
2. To begin to embrace the universe as a working whole, apply base-2 to the Planck units and the universe is encapsulated within 202 dynamic notations.
3. The first 64 notations are orders of magnitude smaller than any possible measurements with instrumentation. Here is a domain for mathematics and human logic alone.
4. The finite-infinite relations is known through the qualities evidenced within pi. It is dynamic and ever-present. The 202 notations build off of each other.
5. The only time is now. Only within the current notation, 202, is there the perception of past, present and future.

More to come…

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