On exploring the work (BSM) of Shaaban Said Khalil…

Shaaban Khalil, Director of Center for Fundamental Physics
Zewail City of Science and Technology, 12578 Ahmed Zewail Street, Giza, Egypt

Articles: Letters in High Energy Physics (LHEP)
Books: Supersymmetry Beyond Minimality: From Theory to Experiment, 2017
Google Scholar
Homepage: (Fulbright) (IAU) (Loop) (publons)
Publications: Letters in High Energy Physics (LHEP), Beyond the Standard Model: Theory-to-experiment (CERN)
YouTube: From Quarks to Cosmos, ZCSF, 2016

Reference pages within this website: https://81018.com/empower/#3fa

First email: Saturday, August 28, 2021

Dear Prof. Dr. Shaaban Khalil:

Congratulations on your extraordinary career. Congratulations on your Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) conference! I’ve made reference to that work here: https://81018.com/empower/#3fa

And, as a result of this email, I have also created my own reference page to your work here:

BSM is a key to the future. I wish you well; your work is vital.