Three concepts might start a transformation…

… a starting point of our universe?

1. Key Evocative Question: Do the Planck base units (1899) or Stoney’s base units (1874) conceptually describe a real reality, the smallest possible units of space and time? The actual calculations are important, but the concept of “really real” infinitesimal units of space and time is the keyway.

2. Key Evocative Questions: Is the concept of an infinitesimal primordial sphere “really real” and the first possible manifestation of a thing within space-time? Can we assume that thing is a sphere? Are these spheres precursors to particles and waves and fluctuations?

3. Key Evocative Question: If these first two questions can be answered affirmatively, then our base-2 chart of the universe can be examined to determine if the first 64 notations describe a “really-real” ordered range from the first sphere to the first possible measurements of particles-and-waves?

Most scholars today believe there is a “really-real” starting point of our universe and that it began 13.8 billion years ago. What that first instant looks like is widely disputed.

These three questions will be asked of as many of our best scholars, physicists and astrophysicists, throughout the world. The results will be periodically compiled and recompiled, then reported here.

If our understanding of our universe, space-time, infinity, and the infinitesimal are all too limited, especially within the academic community, we may find a way to breakthrough just based on their answers to these questions.

These questions are inherently part of the most recent homepages within this website, particularly, Beyond Limited Worldviews: An Integrated View of the Universe.

Because that page is so pivotal, it is being simplified and that version is here.


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