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Brian Keating, Distinguished Professor of Physics, Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences (CASS), University of California, San Diego

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Dear Prof. Dr. Brian Keating:

Neil Turok said, “…most of what theorist do is wrong.” And, I would concur. In 2011 three classes of high school geometry students (and two classes of ACT preparations stopped for the day to contemplate Plato’s five basic solids. We had studied the tetrahedron ( https://81018.com/tot/ ) and this day we would walk deeper and deeper within it by dividing the edges in half and within our mind’s eye shrinking down and going within. In 45 steps we were in the range of particle physics. In another 67 steps we were at the Planck base units. That was 112 steps from our class to the “smallest units of length and time.” We also multiplied edges by 2 and went larger and larger. In just 22 steps we were out to the ISS. In another 35 steps on the edge of the solar system, and in another 33 steps out watching the current expansion of the universe. Just 90 steps out. From the start to the current time, there are just 202 base-2 notations. We wrote it up: Nobody would tell us where we were going wrong. We’ve asked many fine people, and now we are asking you, “Have you ever seen a base-2 outline of the universe?” It is mostly about the earliest universe. The first second emerges within Notation-143. We wrote this in 2016 — https://81018.com/stem/ — and we’ve been writing ever since!

Is it worth your time to respond to us? Thank you.