Upon following the work of Emma Haruka Iwao…

Emma Haruka Iwao of the Google Cloud Platform, Seattle, Washington

ArXiv: A Fast Self-correcting $π$ Algorithm Tsz-Wo Sze (reference only)
Wikipedia on Pi

Within these webpages: 
Continuity equations: https://81018.com/empower/
This page: https://81018.com/iwao/
A homepage about perfection: https://81018.com/perfection/
A homepage with Oprah and Maria Spiropulu: https://81018.com/re-envision/

Most recent email: 23 June 2022 at 6:33 PM 

Dear Emma:

Have you ever looked at pi qualities as a distinction between the finite and infinite, or the quantitative and qualitative?



Second email: 22 June 2021

Dear Emma:

We are among your followers, perhaps a bit like a Greek chorus, who believe your fascination with pi should become a fascination for all students and people who want to understand this world and our universe. Numbers teach us more than we know. Numbers drive our intuitions and feelings. Your 31 trillion, 415 billion, 926 million, 535 thousand, 897 units of pi are real; here is a real introduction to quantities within the trillions, and a challenge to grasp the essence of pi and simple equations more deeply. So, we extend to you our great thanks for your work!

Again, you are on the homepage and our statements about continuity equations will always have something about your work within it.



First email: 6 June 2021

TWITTER:  @Yuryu Emma Haruka Iwao:

Homepage today: http://81018.com Actual URL: https://81018.com/re-envision/

Also here: https://81018.com/perfection/#Background
I think you are sensational!

Tweet: 17 September 2020

Our two references to you and your work:
https://81018.com/iwao/ and https://81018.com/perfection
From Wikipedia we learn that pi has been a fascination since childhood:. Do you think that that pi is deeply involved with shaping our universe?

Thank you.