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Hans Havlicek

Homepage(s): Vienna (Wien), Austria

With this website: https://81018.com/old-theory/#Emails

First email: 6 November 2022 at 21:10

Dear Prof. Dr. Hans Havlicek:

I have been searching in the foundations of geometry for anything to do with quantum theory, fluctuations, spheres and transformations, and I found your work and summary page:  https://www.geometrie.tuwien.ac.at/havlicek/

Have you ever seen a geometric combination like this: https://81018.com/15-1/ It is five tetrahedrons sharing at least one edge and a common centerpoint, over five octahedrons sharing at least one edge and the same centerpoint, over five tetrahedrons sharing at least one edge that same centerpoint. There are fifteen objects in all.

I discovered the work of Lagarias & Zong (who became the 2015 AMS Conant Award winners) that Aristotle was the one who missed the first gap, and it seems everybody apparently missed the octahedral gap.
1. Could these gaps be fundamental to quantum geometries and fluctuations?
2. If so, could there be domains of perfectly fitting geometries?

Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. This all came out of a New Orleans high school geometry class. Hardly professional or scholarly, with the help of people like you, we can at least be somewhat responsible. Have you seen the interior parts of the octahedron? Just fascinating. The tetrahedron is impressive as well. …the spheres that generate them? I wish I could do it all over again! -BEC

The embedded URLs: (1) https://81018.com/duped/#LZ (2) https://81018.com/gap/ (3).https://81018.com/gap-comparison/ (4) https://81018.com/geometries/ (5).https://81018.com/perfections (6) https://81018.com/home/