We should all provide Bill Gates with feedback…

Bill Gates

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In response to Bill’s August 12, 2021 email to me (and many, many others) where he says, “This is not an easy time to be an educator. Being a teacher is a demanding job even in the best circumstances, and the pandemic has created new challenges that have made working in a classroom more difficult than ever.”

My reply:

Come on, Bill, it’s not as bad as everybody is making it out to be. There are increasingly ways to treat this virus like we have for every other ailment that slows us down. More importantly for the children is that we start teaching them about openness to new ideas, humility of thought… we’ve open up our limited worldviews and see everything, everywhere, for all time in context with the total universe, all within just 202 base-2 notations.

It sounds unlikely, if not impossible, given 13.81 billion years and the enormity of the universe. If we scale it first using base-2 notation, everything- everywhere-for-all-time is within a mathematical relation. That’s half the battle. Here’s our start on it all from a high school geometry class in New Orleans: https://81018.com
STEM:  https://81018.com/stem/
History: https://81018.com/home/

Let’s move it out into the market! Thanks.

PS. I’m about your age, but not quite so sharp. To keep things in perspective and as a memory jog, I have a page for all the people with whom I correspond; my page for you is here: https://81018.com/gates/  -BEC

Tweet: June 23, 2017

Tweet #1:  Gates, Jobs, Einstein, Watson IBM… I’d like to see a list of key breakthroughs of our time… suspect none were driven by government. 🤓

In response to this tweet ( from Bill Gates):
@BillGates It’s easy to take cutting-edge research for granted. But most breakthroughs that improve our lives start as government-sponsored research.