Upon following the work of Rodolfo Gambini…

Rodolfo Gambini, Facultad de Ciencias. Institu to de Física,
Igua 4225 C.P. 11400, Montevideo Uruguay

http://www.montevideointerpretation.org/  (ArXiv)
• Invented the loop representation (with fellow physicist Antoni Trías for Yang-Mills theories in 1986, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela)
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•  A single-world consistent interpretation of quantum mechanics…
•  Quantum fluctuating geometries and the information paradox
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YouTube:  The Issue of Time in Totally Constrained Systems” FQXi Azores Conference 2009

Most recent email: 26 June 2022 at 9:44 AM

Dear Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gambini:

Only three emails in three years… I hope that I stay within your bounds of reasonable behavior.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this posting that reflects on Aristotle’s 1800 year old mistake, then goes down into the five-tetrahedral gap and ponders quantum fluctuations (within the first 64 base-2 notations out of the 202 that appear to encapsulate the universe and all things, everywhere for all time).

I certainly would appreciate your most pointed comments. https://81018.com is the general website and https://81018.com/geometries/ is the file (and current homepage for just a few more days). And because I am just shy of 75, I remind myself of what I’ve said here: https://81018.com/gambini/ Thank you so very much.



Second email: 26 May 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gambini:

Though I have studied with Bohm, Shimony, Vigier, and so many others, I was helping my nephew with his high school geometry class when we realized there was a huge, ordered domain between Planck Time / Planck Length and particles, waves and fluctuations. Wilczek called it a grid or matrix but appears not to have defined it further. All the LQG people would benefit from working with Langlands and Witten to begin integrating root concepts within these first 64 base-2 doublings (out of 202).

Here is a domain for textures and dynamics that are being discerned through your collective research, but are currently hidden from view by a truncated sense of its place. Yes, the first 64 of the 202 base-2 (mathematically-and-logically defined) notations from the Planck Time to the current Age of the Universe need to be formally recognized by researchers who defer to simple logic, mathematics, and intellectual integrity, and who are not concerned with its AfterEffects.

Because I am older, the only way that I can track and remember correspondence such as this email, is to put it online for my review:  https://81018.com/gambini

If there is anything you would have me change, update or delete,
I would be glad to do so. Thank you.


cc: Wilczek, Langlands, Witten

First email: Apr 15, 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gambini:

Thank you for all your work on the edge of knowledge and insight.
I am smitten by your ArXiv articles, especially with your comment,
A single-world consistent interpretation of quantum mechanics
from fundamental time and length uncertainties.”

We are just high school people so you can discount our work
very quickly, however, you might find it curious how we found
the 202 base-2 notations or doublings from the Planck units
to the approximate age and size of our universe. We thought
it was an excellent STEM tool but then the first 64 notations
bothered me. Our simple chart is here: https://81018.com/chart/

Much more than Kees Boeke’s base-10, this chart has an inherent
geometry, it has the Planck scale infused throughout it
from the first moment of time to this day. It has doublings that
act in the spirit of natural inflation. It has closed-cubic packing,
bifurcation theory, emergence…. I struggle to write it up:

What do you think? Silliness? We know how entirely
idiosyncratic it is. Thank you.

Most sincerely,