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First email: 22 October 2022 at 11:10 AM

Dear Richard J. Fitzgerald,

Frank Wilczek says in his first article of a 2001 three-part series in Physics Today, “…Planck’s proposal for a system of units based on fundamental physical constants was, when it was made, formally correct but rather thinly rooted in fundamental physics.” Reference: “Scaling Mt. Planck I: A View from the Bottom,” Physics Today, June 2001, p 13.

Just today, I am back quoting it: https://81018.com/penultimates/#1a I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Thank you. 

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PS. My footnote opens that discussion further. -BEC 

[1] Wilczek. Webpages: Frank Wilczek – https://81018.com/wilczek/
• Physics Today, 312. Scaling Mt. Planck I: A View from the Bottom (June 2001)
• Physics Today, 321. Scaling Mt. Planck II: Base Camp (Nov 2001)
• Physics Today, 328. Scaling Mt. Planck III: Is That All There Is? (August 2002).

Endnotes (BEC Comment): In Frank Wilczek’s latest work, Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality, I was disappointed that he used the words, “after the Big Bang.” With its current raft of problems, * I had hoped that he would hold back from reaffirming the big bang. Even after ten years I recognize that he’s not quite ready to affirm a natural inflation with base-2 notation, the Planck base units, infinitesimal spheres, and pi, yet I still have hopes that maybe someday he will. He must somehow believe that the Planck base units are remotely related to the bing bang singularity. We met on two occasions; if we ever meet again, I’ll ask him that question.

* The “current raft of problems” refers to all the discussions coming from scholars working with the results from James Webb Space Telescope and the issues of smoothness. Several recent homepages focused on it including: 

  1. https://81018.com/reason/#1a  
  2. https://81018.com/communicate/
  3. https://81018.com/mathematical-universe/
  4. https://81018.com/analysis/