Coley, Albert Alan

Albert Alan Coley

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4R2, Canada

ArXiv: Theoretical Cosmology (with GFR Ellis) (18 Sep 2019)
•  Spatial Curvature in Cosmology Revisited (May 2019)
•  Open problems in mathematical physics (2017)
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First email: 17 September 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. A. A. Coley:

I congratulate you for your recent article with GFR Ellis.

I would like to engage both of you in examining a more simple starting
point, the Planck base units. If a modest thrust is assumed, and all notations
build upon one another, then there is a natural inflation from those Planck units, inflating to the current day and time; using base-2 (doublings), it is all in just 202 notations. Euler shines.

Just the numbers:
Most recent discussion:
Discussion being developed today:

Of course, it is entirely idiosyncratic, but given our proclivity to
be going in circles, it seems appropriate!

Best wishes,
Most sincerely,