On discovering the work of Miranda Chih-Ning Cheng…

Miranda C.N. Cheng, University of Amsterdam, Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Articles: Moonshine Master Toys With String Theory, Natalie Wolchover, Quanta, 2021
ArXiv (39): Learning Lattice Quantum Field Theories (PDF), August 2022
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Wikipedia: Moonshine
YouTube: Moonshine

First email: 11 February 2022 at 10:46 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Miranda C.N. Cheng,

Let’s get a little punky with the moonshine.
First, we create a new universe right here and now.
Start with either Max Planck or Stoney‘s base units.
Many orders of magnitude smaller than fermions,
we apply base-2 notation to those infinitesimal spheres,
and in 101 notations we are up to the the human scale
and in another 101 notations we’ve captured the age and size
of the universe. It is a simple map of the universe from
the first moment of time to the Now. CERN’s measurements
begin within notations 65-67. The femtosecond is first measured
between notation 74 to 78. The geometries of string theory
and Langlands programs can all be pushed into Notation-1
to Notation-64.  Why not? When Langlands and Witten
start their collaborations, we can begin singing in the
moonshine and the universe will be alright.

No? Yes? Maybe? https://81018.com/chart/