Five octahedrons with a gap create the base. An icosahedron made of twenty (20) tetrahedrons sits on top.

An icosahedron made of twenty tetrahedrons sits on the five-octahedra with a gap. This image will be further developed. All the tape will be removed from both tetrahedrons and octahedrons. The convergence of three edges of the icosahedron over the five-octahedral gap will be more clearly displayed.

Then, the “when, where and how” will begin to be explored. -BEC

Let us introduce the twenty-tetrahedral icosahedron in place of the five-tetrahedral cluster. The complexity and potential functionality of this cluster increases exponentially.

In May 2022 we began making a study of the cluster of fifteen sharing a common centerpoint (with the hexagonals within each octahedron) as if it would make an interesting gate within circuitry of the infinitesimal.