Fake News. Can you identify at least seven reasons this image is fake news?

A large image, it may load a little slowly.  Click on the image (or here) to go to the page where seven reasons are given why this image is fake news.
Fake News

Here is a real Forbes article about the same phenomenon from two years ago! (new window)


This page is part of our analysis of cognitive dissonance which began on March 11, 2017.

Below is point #4 from that article:

The Big Bang Theory Versus Simple Logic

Fake News Uses The Good Name of Stephen Hawking To Promote A Phony Pill: Stephen Hawking Predicts, “This pill will change humanity.”

Liars lie and cheaters cheat. Here, a group of liars and cheaters, create cognitive dissonance. Everything they say in this article is a lie. I was so moved by their lying that I sent an email to Prof. Dr. Steven Hawking to advise him of their abuse. The tragedy, perhaps more like a comic farce, is that Hawking promulgates one of the most fundamental pieces of disinformation that opens the world to the nihilism that begets cognitive dissonance.

The Letter (Email):

Dear Prof. Dr. Hawking:

The Substance of the Communication:

“Heads-up! A group promoting Synagen IQ (a pill), is using your image and name. I was initially fooled by it all then realized that you and your team were being used and were not complicit with this announcement. It is part of an ever-growing ethical breakdown of the people on this planet.

“Excuse me as I observe, “Big bang nihilism has taken hold.” You know better than anyone that continuity and symmetry are the bedrocks of logic, mathematics, and physics.  However, for the past 100 years we’ve been focused on particles, not the mathematics of continuity. Of course, there are continuity equations from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe using base-2, base-10 or any other base.  But base-2 is most organic. And, organic is good.

“In the chart of that progression — https://81018.com/chart — you can follow how the simple logic of continuity applied here creates a lovely simulation program that mimics the big bang epochs yet through an all-natural, organic inflation. Cognitive dissonance works against accepting its simplicity, especially in light of 52 years of our ever-so intense study of particles.

“This Synagen abuse is emblematic of all the discontinuities we find within flawed belief systems.  Big bang cosmology is flawed. A more simple model of the universe where continuity and symmetry are re-established might bring some sanity back on this earth. What do you think?  Best wishes, Bruce”

“I do not expect any reply, notwithstanding, I would be delighted if there was!”

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