Obviously we are using the Zometool!

pentastar1 ChryslerLogo Icosahedron151b

Fascinating that in using the Zometool, the five-tetrahedral object has no gap. This fact has to be studied more. One might postulate that each strut and ball covers a 1.4712 degree gap. To engage this perfunctory observation as a study, the Zometool people have been contacted and they are very cooperative (June 2022).

In 2022 these geometric gaps created by five tetrahedrons is not well-understood. Just above the fourth image from the left is the ball from the Zometool. Notice the pentagon is the primary shape from which the rectangles come out from each edge and the triangles come out of each vertex. That’s it. Perhaps the beginning of a corollary is seen here: https://81018.com/icosahedronal-gap/#20

Quite circumstantially the Zometool accommodated our clear-plastic tetrahedrons.
Study the configuration of the ball and its relations between the triangle, rectangle and pentagon.



More to come…