Urmstom, Ben. J.

Ben J. Urmston

Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio


First email: 7 June 2019

Dear Fr. Ben Urmston:

I have your “urmston.carefortheearth2” document open on my desktop. It says, “Excerpts from his website: http://www.xavier.edu/frben/.” You have done many good things; and even though now as an emeritus professor, you have things to do. You can never retire until called back home.

I think that we all have some very serious work to do.

1. Can we start with the Planck scale and the Planck base units (all links will go to Wikipedia or my website, https://81018.com)? Are these the smallest possible units of space and time? Then, does it necessarily follow that these are the first units of space and time?

If we answer, “Yes, yes, and yes” and we apply base-2 (doublings) to those units, you will create a chart of the universe that looks like this one: https://81018.com/chart/ (horizontally scrolled). If we study it a bit (and the inherent logic of the resulting numbers), the simple wisdom of this universe is revealed.

As we approach the 202nd notation, it’ll become obvious that thischart is mostly a map of the earliest universe. There are so many folks like Steven Weinberg (Cornell, Princeton, Harvard, UT-Austin) who have “dreams of a final theory.” By applying a simple doubling function, we are not dreaming, but have numbers, logic and mathematics of what could become a final theory. We also have a container that includes everything, everywhere, and for all time.

2. If the ubiquitous circle and sphere are the most simple expressions of mathematics and structure, might we assume that it is somehow the first expression of those Planck units at the first notation? Is this the first expression of physicality? Is it the first infinitesimal expression of light?

Though we readily recognize e=mc<sup>2</sup> as Einstein’s “simple” equation, there are very few who recognize Planck’s simple formula for time and it’s potential with Einstein’s formula, to bind the four Planck units: Planck Time whereby c = lp / tp.

Within the cubic-close packing and the Fourier Transform we find the earliest dynamics that open the rest of mathematics:  https://81018.com/structure/

I thought you might find this little introduction to be interesting; our little world cannot be fully understood unless it is within the context of universe and those 202 notations.

I hope you find it of interest and that I have not wasted your time.

Warmest regards,