Based on years of reflection on the baseline of all 202 notations

Consider the first 64 notations or doublings

All 64 notations or doublings are well below the current abilities of machines (accelerators) to measure without becoming part of what is being measured. Here we are deep within the quantum fluctuations of space and time. Yet, when taken as a whole, these 64 doublings represent a very special infinitesimally small place, way smaller than particles and their sub-particles, but possibly just right for the mathematics and logic of things not seen.

Keeping the Wheat & Chessboard story in mind, this domain is so small, only mathematics-and-logic could apply; and for these purposes, this space has been called ginormous.

July 2018 – Algorithms, our Standard Models, and Us: An evolving cluster of over five pages to analyze the nature of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Also, these pages prompted an aggregation page on the Standard Models.

June 2018 – Concepts For A New Beginning: “Let’s get logical.” Then, and only then, can we can truly get physical.

April 2017 – Hypostatic Way of Learning & Knowing: The First 64 Notations, A Truly Small-Scale Universe

November 26, 2015: Dark Matter, Cosmology and the Large-Scale Universe

September 2014 – Did A Quiet Expansion Precede The Big Bang?