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Thomas Sumner, The Simons Foundation, New York City

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Strange New Phase of Matter Created in Quantum Computer Acts Like It Has Two Time Dimensions (Wednesday, July 20, 2022 10:14 AM) based on link to scientific paperDynamical topological phase realized in a trapped-ion quantum simulatorPhilipp T. DumitrescuJustin G. BohnetJohn P. GaeblerAaron HankinDavid HayesAjesh KumarBrian NeyenhuisRomain Vasseur & Andrew C. Potter, Nature607, 463–467 (2022) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-022-04853-4

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Dear Thomas:

There are references to the Simons’ projects within our current homepage:

[4] Standard Model of Cosmology Survives a Telescope’s Findings, R.Boyle, Quanta, Jan. 2013 Rebecca Boyle has written an excellent article. She gives the big bang passing acknowledgement yet focuses on the current tensions in cosmology created by the results of the JWST. The focus has to be on the results of real research. And, the focus is to answer the question, “How can the universe look like these images 330 million years from the start?” Although the base-2 expansion from a single infinitesimal sphere is dramatic, it is orderly and entirely geometrical and mathematical. It is consistent with the JWST’s findings… More to come. Standard Model of Cosmology Survives a Telescope’s Findings, by Rebecca Boyle

[5] Quanta Magazine Thomas Lin started the publication in 2012 and Quanta Magazine has already won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting and the 2020 National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The magazine is primarily sponsored by the Simons Foundation which is also responsible for the Flatiron Institute in NYC (Wiki), Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook, and hundreds of programs related to the advancement of scientific knowledge. James Simons used the power of mathematics to understand the markets and trading and made billions. His investment in Quanta Magazine is richly paying back.

There is now a reference page to your work — https://81018.com/sumner/ — which is a record of my note to you. At 75, it’s easy to get confused about who is who!

Best wishes,  


First email: 14 October 2022 at 9:06 AM

Dear Thomas, 

Thank you for your work to write about a strange new phase of matter; published on July 20, 2022. Your article became a birthday gift from George Fox, a biologist and friend from Houston, who commented, “Thinking of you as I try to read this!” Then he teased me, “Waiting for you to explain it.” It took me awhile because it was in the confluence of the James Webb Space Telescope images. Issues around smoothness were coming into focus (for me, reopening discussions of three scholars about the nature of space, time and infinity).

It seems that we are on the cusp of major transitions in our understanding of the nature of things. I am sure that you feel it with that article, and your articles on JWST and AI.

So finally, just yesterday, I told George, “It seems their conclusion is a little short, but on the right path. My simple calculations, the ones we’ve been exploring for eleven years now, rendered 202 simultaneous time dimensions. Each notation is a notation. It is also a dimension. That makes trying to count galaxies most difficult believing that the redshift puts something into the past when it is all now. Rovelli, the LQG people, and so many others who say, “All time is Now,” are not crazy.

https://81018.com/ is where I’ve been hanging out for the past six years.

I have enjoyed getting to know you through your writings and websites and look forward to your continuing contributions. Thanks again.

Warm regards,