State of our Nations – State of the World – State of the Universe

State of our World and State of our Universe: Today, work continues on a homepage that attempts to open a discussion about “The State of the World” and “The State of the Universe.” Though sounding a bit pompous and entirely presumptuous, there are precedent for both (from Earth Day to quiet efforts by authors) and these efforts will be initially reviewed. And then, we will look at all these precedents in light of the 202 notations within our mathematical model of the universe base on the Planck base units

Background: On Tuesday evening, February 6, 2019, the President of the USA presented the annual State of the Union address for the United States of America. It was well-written, well-presented and well-received. Donald Trump has made many mistakes in his run-up to his presidential election. He tends to exaggerate. He is careless with facts and figures. He lacks grace and an abiding sense of the dignity of the office. He is a self-proclaimed “counter puncher” which is a person who waits for the opposition to move first, then he strikes back and may ask questions later. And, although he did not carry the popular vote, the influence of the major population centers of the country was mitigated by the Electoral College. Like him or not, he became the 45th person to hold the office of the President of the USA.

Trumped. Donald Trump continues to make mistakes. His ego, like most in Washington politics, is abundantly large. His flamboyance and lack of grace and humility, is indeed unbecoming to the office. Yet, his accomplishments are noteworthy-and-needed, and he has moved his percentage of support to include virtually half of the nation’s people.

First conclusion. All leaders and presidents throughout time have had clay feet. They all have had serious flaws of personality.

Democrats. Andrew Jackson was the seventh person to be elected president of the USA. He was the first duly elected president of the Democratic Party. The oldest political organization in the USA, it had its roots in the Democratic-Republican party which had been the Republican Party founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Presidential politics has always been confusing; and terms, “facts” and names morph and are often thrown around rather loosely.

Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were also slave holders. Jackson had the additional indignity of leading the banishment and forced relocation of native Americans to what were designated as Indian Territories. Part of that banishment, known as the Trail of Tears, virtually went through his property outside of Nashville. Yet, his overall leadership was what the nation wanted at that time; and though he carried the cultural understanding of values for that time, he had the character flaws of humanity, yet he also had outstanding courage, fighting spirit, and tenacity so needed at that time.

Second conclusion. Within the light of 202 notations, and given the current notation is 10.9 billions years, we have only engaged approximately 2.9 billion of these years. The approximate 400,000 years of human history is barely a speck of activity. All of American history is barely 300 years, just a flash, virtually current history, very much alive with us today.