On following the work of George Scialabba…

George Scialabba (Wikipedia), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Homepage(s): Baffler, Boston Review, Image, Commonweal, New Republic, The Nation

Sometime on or before January 31, 2022 (small edit)

Dear George:

Yes, our worldviews are just too small, especially outside of a totally-integrated, geometric and mathematical view of the universe from the first instant to this very day. Yes, sounds silly, but by using Leonhard Euler’s base-2 notation and Max Planck’s base units, I think we have an actual start.

A possible result looks something like this: https://81018.com/chart/ It defrocks the big bang!

I hope you’ll give it a shot. Poke some holes in it. Perhaps we can make something of it.

Thank you.


PS. I did a Synectics thing with Bill Gordon from 1971-1973 just off Brattle Street while also getting involved with the Philomorphs (Arthur Loeb) at the Harvard’s Carpenter (Arts Center). I also did a little with Howard Gardner at HGSE, a little with Arthur McGill at HDS, and on and on. While in high school I was a member of Harvard’s SDS (Sever Hall) until thrown off campus. Yes, yes, still crazy after all these years… -BEC