Insights and guesses about time

All the notations are always active and intimately connected; there is only Right Now.

by Bruce E. Camber, October 25, 2018

The age-old  question about the nature of time.  Within this construct, the concept of past-present-future began to get delimited as the first 64 notations are studied. By definition all the notations are building upon each other.  The first notation or doubling is necessary, and necessarily part of, each of the 202 notations or doublings.

By studying the progression of doublings of the Planck base units, the growing and binding and building and making this universe, becomes the really real. Planck Time is an intimate part of that unfolding and by its nature, derivative of light and space (Planck Length) and Planck Mass and Planck Charge.

It seems that Planck Time within each notation is about the processing speed. Perhaps time is always the summative nature of notation.

So, we ask again, “What’s time? When talking about the entire universe, we know that our old-fashioned time defined by a 24-hour clock, has everything to do with our little solar system and not much to do with anything beyond it.  We are out to the edges of the Solar System within the 169th notation or the processing speed defined by a light year.

It is all very hard to take in. We are puzzling this point of view and have been for many years. One of the more speculative ideas is that sleep is our personal time to recompile what appears to be the past and re-instantiates it upon waking as part of the Now.

We could say, “Everything we do, say, or think within a given day effects the totality of the universe.”  Before that begins to fully resonate, we obviously have a long, long way to go!

Our first group of notations to teach us will continue to be the first 64-notations, well below the domain of machine measurement. Then, there are the next 80 notations that bring us up to a processing speed of one second.

We’ll continue to ponder each notation as actively defining who-how-and-what we are right now. Hopefully, these concepts will be come clearer as we accept this orientation to see it all differently.

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PS.  This page is a first draft as of October 25, 2018. There are bits and pieces,  discussions about this point within the site, yet, as we begin consolidating pages, we will try to expand this insight.