The quaternion-and-octonion space

A Work-In-Progress

by Bruce Camber    Initiated: July 21, 2018

Thomas Lin’s Quanta Magazine* and Natalie Wolchover’s investigative work result in many key stories on the edge of physics. They command my attention and should command yours.

Saturday, July 21, 2018, The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature They’ve done it again with a report on the work of Cohl Furey and octonions. Also introduced is the work of Murat Günaydin, Pierre RamondShadi Tahvildar-ZadehMichael DuffGeoffrey Dixon (author of Division Algebras, Lattices, Physics, Windmill Tilting, 2017)Michael AtiyahLatham BoyleMichel Dubois-Violette, Ivan Todorov (ArXiv) and Svetla Drenska. They are all working on a deeper understanding of octonions.  Some are working on a version of the Standard Model for particle physics that is driven by mathematics whereby the particles and sub particles are all derivative. There are frequent references to the work of Feza Gürsey and his legacy institute in Istanbul.

My guess is that none of these people have engaged the universe from the Planck scale to the current age of the universe using an application of base-2 exponentiation.  Without it, they are stuck with the big bang theory’s lack of coherency and lack of a predictive, mathematical model.  So, over time, each will be introduced to the base-2 model where time and space are finite and derivative.

Please see the chart of numbers:
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The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature.” Delightfully informative.
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