The infinitesimal universe

by Bruce Camber

January 2019: The infinitesimal universe, the first 64 of the 202 notations

In 2011 when we started this project, the concept of base-2 exponentiation was known, but it had been considered just one among many possible mathematical functions. It was not regarded as an essential function that defines our universe.

As we began to imbibe the model, grasping the very different textures of all 202 notations, though a daunting challenge, the first 64 notations stood out. The Planck Time and Planck Length multiples within each notation were below their respective thresholds of measurement. None of these notations have ever been studied by the academic community and a very simple logic tells us that key functions of our universe are defined within those first 64 notations. These are forver active and defining the universe.

Also, it seemed that here were places where so much of current mathematical research could be applied. It is often abstract and seemingly impenetrable for the non-mathematician.  Examples include the research defined by: (1) the Navier-Stokes equations, (2) dark matter/dark energy and (3) mind-matter-consciousness relation. We are trying here to open up go much deeper into the work  done on the first 64 notations that were first envisioned as The Universe Table.

Navier-Stokes Equations: A work in progress

Though the Navier-Stokes equations are well-known within readings within cosmology, it is a specialized area of the physics-cosmology interface. Notwithstanding, certain questions raised within this large-scale domain may actually have applications within this emerging infinitesimal domain. The dynamics being encapsulated by these Navier-Stokes equations just may have applicability. To become increasingly familiar with this subject area, references will be aggregated here; and then when there are enough references, they’ll be ordered and related by a particular range of dynamics described.

It had been too specialized for this website. In recent days, studying the literature, turbulence best describes our world and so much of our science. Yet, as the infinitesimal universe (our first 64 notations of the 202), have become a growing reality for me, it seems the Navier-Stokes equations and all the analyses around those equations, might best describe a key part of these 64 notations.

References and resources


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Luis Caffarelli: