November 25: Reflections on the meaning and value of life

LeftArrowBoxedLeftArrowBoxedDay by day with Hattie and Bruce on the path to their new home in Nashville
As they do their daily work, Hattie on end-of-life decision making and
Bruce on a highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe,
they reflect on life around Miami and on events within our world.

Ruminations by bruce camber

The first sunrise: Sunday, November 25, 2018 @ 6:30 AM

The majesty of sunrise over the sea
Sun floods our workspace

Lines become circles and circles become lines.

My work area, a corner of the dining room table, and Hattie in the guest suite.

Oops, let’s tighten down that soap dispenser for the kitchen sink. Yes, let’s also organize the closet for the air conditioning and heating unit. May as well organize the closet for the clothes washer and dryer. Also, called down to building maintenance about the hot water pressure.

Welcome Giovanni! The hot water is just a drip.
Watts Regulator Valve for the hot water