On getting to know the work of David McGoveran…

David McGoveran, Alternative Technologies, Boulder Creek, California

Articles & Publications
ArXiv: A Short Introduction to BIT-STRING PHYSICS H. Pierre Noyes
Discrete Physics
Homepage(s): inSPIREHEP, LinkedIN
References and resources: Combinatorial Hierarchy
Wikipedia: Discrete Physics
YouTube: The Fine Structure Constant – In 1992 a recording was made of Conversations between Clive Kilmister, Ted Bastin and David McGoveran. The topics include the Combinatorial Hierarchy, a focus of the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association (ANPA).

Second email: 3 February 2021 

Hi David,

Sometimes it just takes me a little longer: https://81018.com/mcgoveran/ is now my study guide and memory jog. I hope you don’t mind. https://81018.com/conscious/#McGoveran

I’ll be spending an increasing amount of time re-establishing my memories of the history of ANPA, and the concepts and insights of Noyes, Bastin and you. We’ll see what happens along the way with my insistence that it all starts with the Planck base units and a little kick from pi, a few other dimensionless constant.

I am available to chat almost anytime. Life has slowed down for all of us.

Best wishes,


First email: 12 January 2021

Before the night is complete, I wanted to re-introduce myself.

I was a friend of Ted Bastin; he was a guest in my home in Boston for about a month. Not too terribly long ago, I caught up with Suzanne through Yorick Wilks. It was through Ted that I got on H. Pierre Noyes mailing list and chatted with him a few times by telephone. I am rather sure we did not meet but I see you are a co-founder of the Alternative Natural Philosophy Association (ANPA) group.

In 2011, I helped my nephew with his geometry classes and we were observing nesting geometries when a student asked the Zeno-like question, “How far inside can we go?” https://81018.com/tot/

We went 45 steps to get into the range of particle physics and another 67 to get down close to the Planck scale. Next day we multiplied by 2, and in about 30 doublings we were out to the first second and in another sixty steps we were out to the approximate age and size of the universe. Numbers: https://81018.com/chart/ Story: https://81018.com/home/

When I discovered your work, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Where’s he been all this time?”

So, I have begun a reference page to you: https://81018.com/mcgoveran and I’ll be making references to you and your work such as this one: https://81018.com/conscious/#McGoveran

For the past ten years, I’ve been looking for somebody to tell us why our little construct is off the target. Maybe you can help! Thanks.