Lehto, Ari

Ari Lehto

Emeritus, Helsinki University of Technology
Also: Physics Foundations Society: http://PhysicsFoundations.org
Also: Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy
Espoo, Finland


Video: Period Doubling as a Structure Creating Natural Process YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1YQqtrqCso


Second email: July 16, 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Ari Lehto:

What a joy to discover your work today.
There is somebody else who has been down this path!
But… you were out there on your own in 2006/2008!
What has happened since that time?

I am catching up with your work today, rather circumstantially
bumped into as a result of searching for anybody who may have
referred to the work of Diego Meschini and his supervisor,
Dr. Markku Lehto.

I just thought you would want to know!

Thank you for your scholarship, “One such process is
period doubling, a common property of non-linear
dynamical systems.”

After I have digested more, may I ask a few questions?


This First email on July 15, 2019 bounced back

Dear Prof. Dr. Ari Lehto:

I have been dreaming about finding papers like yours for seven years!
Wow, wow, wow. Thank you.



Ari Lehto

PhD in Physics (1978), discovered that the period doubling mechanism, a universal property of nonlinear dynamical systems, governs the buildup of structures from the intrinsic properties of the elementary particles to the large scale systems with cosmological dimensions.

“The mechanism that indicates a high degree of order in nature is not a part of the prevailing theories but it could give a major contribution to our understanding of the physical reality and the origin of the invariant properties and structures of matter.”

Professor emeritus Ari Lehto has generative industrial and academic careers. He is the inventor of novel micro devices and their manufacturing technologies.

Period Doubling