JWST: Our first review of a JWST CEERS report

ArXiv: A dusty starburst masquerading as an ultra-high redshift galaxy in JWST CEERS observations (PDF), 121 authors (below), August 3, 2022

The James Webb Space Telescope is much anticipated paradigm shift that is happening as we speak.” -Bruce E. Camber

Background. In the efforts to understand galaxy formation and the difficulties within the process of galaxy counting, this report is being examined. The role of each of the 121 authors may be examined. The first author to be queried is Susan Kassin of the Space Telescope Science Institute, Galaxy Slice and Dice Group, in Baltimore, Maryland. STSI is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy and has been responsible for the Hubble Space Telescope and is now responsible for the data from the JWST. The Slice and Dice Group within the STSI understands some of the problems involved with properly identifying a galaxy as a galaxy. The head of the group is Dr. Susan Kassin and she is listed at #86.

  1. Jorge A. Zavala, Corresponding Author <jorgea.zavalas “AT” gmail.com>
  2. Veronique Buat,
  3. Caitlin M. Casey
  4. Denis Burgarella
  5. Steven L. Finkelstein
  6. Micaela B. Bagley
  7. Laure Ciesla
  8. Emanuele Daddi
  9. Mark Dickinson
  10. Henry C. Ferguson
  11. Maximilien Franco
  12. E. F. Jim’enez-Andrade
  13. Jeyhan S. Kartaltepe
  14. Anton M. Koekemoer
  15. Aurélien Le Bail
  16. E. J. Murphy
  17. Casey Papovich
  18. Sandro Tacchella
  19. Stephen M. Wilkins;
    and The CEERS Team:
  20. Adriano Fontana
  21. Mauro Giavalisco
  22. Andrea Grazian
  23. Norman A. Grogin
  24. Lisa J. Kewley
  25. Dale D. Kocevski
  26. Allison Kirkpatrick
  27. Jennifer M. Lotz
  28. Laura Pentericci
  29. Pablo G. Perez-Gonzalez
  30. Nor Pirzkal
  31. Swara Ravindranath
  32. Rachel S. Somerville
  33. Jonathan R. Trump
  34. Guang Yang
  35. L. Y. Aaron Yung;
    And many others working within the CEERS domain:
  36. Omar Almaini
  37. Ricardo O. Amorin
  38. Marianna Annunziatella
  39. Pablo Arrabal Haro
  40. Bren E. Backhaus
  41. Guillermo Barro
  42. Peter Behroozi
  43. Eric F. Bell
  44. Rachana Bhatawdekar
  45. Laura Bisigello
  46. Fernando Buitrago
  47. Antonello Calabro
  48. Marco Castellano
  49. Oscar A. Chavez Ortiz
  50. Katherine Chworowsky
  51. Nikko J. Cleri
  52. 52.Seth H. Cohen
  53. Justin W. Cole
  54. Kevin C. Cooke
  55. M. C. Cooper
  56. Asantha R. Cooray
  57. Luca Costantin
  58. Isabella G. Cox
  59. Darren Croton
  60. Romeel Dave
  61. Alexander de la Vega
  62. Avishai Dekel
  63. Vicente Estrada-Carpenter
  64. David Elbaz,
  65. Vital Fernández
  66. Keely D. Finkelstein
  67. Jonathan Freundlich
  68. Seiji Fujimoto
  69. Ángela García-Argumánez
  70. Jonathan P. Gardner
  71. Eric Gawiser
  72. Carlos Gómez-Guijarro
  73. Yuchen Guo
  74. Timothy S. Hamilton
  75. Nimish P. Hathi
  76. Benne W. Holwerda
  77. Michaela Hirschmann
  78. Marc Huertas-Company
  79. Taylor A. Hutchison
  80. Kartheik G. Iyer
  81. Anne E. Jaskot
  82. Saurabh W. Jha
  83. Shardha Jogee
  84. Stéphanie Juneau
  85. Intae Jung,
  86. Susan A. Kassinhttps://81018.com/kassin/ https://www.susankassin.com/sliceanddice<kassin “AT” stsci.edu>
  87. Peter Kurczynski
  88. Rebecca L. Larson
  89. Gene C. K. Leung
  90. Ray A. Lucas
  91. Benjamin Magnelli
  92. Kameswara Bharadwaj Mantha
  93. Jasleen Matharu
  94. Elizabeth J. McGrath
  95. Daniel H. McIntosh
  96. Aubrey Medrano
  97. Emiliano Merlin
  98. Bahram Mobasher
  99. Alexa M. Morales
  100. Jeffrey A. Newman, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pittsburgh, 3941 O’Hara St., Pittsburgh, PA 15260 (CV-PDF) janewman “AT” pitt.edu
  101. ArXiv limits the display to 100. There are these 21 more scholars. People like: David C. Nicholls,
  102. and Viraj Pandya. Please visit the ArXiv PDF for the other 19 authors.