On thinking about work by Hoshang Heydari out of Stockholm…

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First email:  April 17, 2017

REF:  Geometry and structure of quantum phase space  Also: https://arxiv.org/abs/1503.00238

Dear Prof. Dr. Hoshang Heydari:

I just wanted to thank you for your work that has been posted within ArXiv,
particularly Geometric formulation of quantum mechanics.
Certainly all 62 your entries are worthy of my time.

Though basic geometries are regaining favor and studies like yours
within quantum geometry have emerged, none have been seen
in context of the largest possible continuity equation created by
using base-2 from the Planck units to the current age of the universe.
This simple, seemingly innocuous progression maps our universe
within just over 202 notations. It also necessarily begins to define
the first 67 notations in ways that have not been considered
by the academic or scientific communities. In a very real sense,
it is pure math with ratios that define a truly hidden reality.

Again, I thank you for your lifetime of work and your continued
efforts in Stockholm.

Bruce Camber
http://81018.com  USA