GPS Goldmines

Information creates the value of land-location.

by Bruce E. Camber

Introduction. Back in 2006, we proposed to the Russian Government, the World Bank and several development banks that they look to secure inexpensive land to create a GPS parkway that went from the most southern border of Russia to the most northern in the Siberian oil and gas fields. We had planned to extend it through the most western part of Kazakstan, Georgia, and Turkey right down to the Mediterranean sea.

Background. I have been thinking about that GPS technology for many years. It all began back around 1995 when we were frequently on the road with our production crew. We had a weekly television series on PBS-TV stations in the USA (and the Voice of America-TV around the world) and were always going to new locations, some quite out of the way.

The sound guy was our designated driver (he was also a highly-committed scotch drinker). He had a special device, the Garmin GPS, and we never got lost. I was fascinated and realized that simple GPS addresses had a very special value. Others were realizing it as well.

I was approaching my 60th birthday and thought the 60/60 would be an interesting place to celebrate that birthday. I quickly discovered there is only one location on earth that wasn’t over water. Yes, four locations were possible, but three are over water.

The only one over land is the 60N/60E in the Ural Mountains just north of Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city of Russia. That metroplex has well over two million people. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed this very idyllic location in the forest could become a place where people came to understand numbers, aging, the meaning of 60 and so much more. Then I realized, studying the maps, that the 70/70 was just north, and the 55/55 was not far away. The 50/50 was in Kazakhstan, but there were no less than 23 simple GPS locations in Russia!

70N/70E: Just north of the Arctic Circle, remote and flat with severe weather, I still thought the region could become a tourist destination for those robust people who want to learn everything about 70/70 especially perhaps for those who are now 70 years old. The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) setting for the 70N/70E is just up the Yamal Peninsula, just south east of Bovanenkovo gas fields in a lightly populated area. It is one of the last frontiers on earth.

Vision. The 70/70 as a tourist-destination might be developed with World Bank underwriting so one-tenth of one percent of the world’s 70 year olds (total world population estimated to be between 80 to 100 million people). That could be approximately 80,000 people per year could begin to travel to the area for a few days to a week. Accommodating 1,000 guests per week could employ many people. Keeping them meaningful fascinated for a few days would be a substantial challenge, but not impossible.

Part of the proposal will be to develop each of what might be known as “the most celebrated” GPS sites south of the 70/70. The 65/65, 60/60, 55/55, and 45/45 are all in Russia.


To Vladimir Putin:

I would like to update my earlier note to you that began, “That we need a better model of who we are and the meaning and value of life is quite obvious.” All of these locations could also become places where people learn about numbers from the first instance of space-time to this day, right now.

Our high school geometry classes did indeed “back into” such a model. It needs much greater study.

I want to invite you, the entire leadership of Russia, and all the Russian people to engage this view of the universe. Also, given your meeting with the Chinese leadership, let us engage them as well.  It could be a topic of discussion within those meetings.

This highly-integrated view of the universe has just over 202 base-2 exponential notations from the smallest measurements, the Planck base units (especially of time and space), to the largest (the Age of the Universe and the Observable Universe) respectively.

There is an ethical bias to the universe when space and time are understood as being derivative. It is all quite fascinating and it will expand whatever worldview that you currently engage. Thank you. -BEC