a simple letter from a simple person

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, I wrote a quick note to Heidrun Mumper-Drumm. She is Professor and Director of Sustainability Initiatives for ArtCenter School of Design in Pasadena.

Dear Heidrun,

The first thing out of our mouths should be “Dump Newton” because he’s got us wrapped too tightly to ourselves. Absolutes?!? Aren’t we done with absolutists? Didn’t Einstein and Planck open the door to the relation as being primarily real?

If we could possibly start at the very beginning, just like Julie Andrews sang, with ABC, 123, what might we have? Really. What’s the most simple thing? A vertex. That’s rather stable.  Two vertices? We’ve got a circle. Wait. Now we have a sphere. Wait. Now we have a continuity equation that doesn’t stop, never repeats, always changes, always the same…. 

There’s some magic going on there. Those are inexplicable. Looking further… All kinds of wild and crazy symmetries. Look again, there’s music in the air. Harmonic functions. That Fourier transform just came alive! What’s going on? Just two vertices doing a number on us.

WTF!?! Is that the Weekly Top Forty or what?

So what do we have? Continuity. Symmetry. Harmony. Where? Show me.

No, you can’t? Those are universals. No finite fools here. How’s that? Just two vertices? Come on now.
It’s a tricky place to start but who says anything’s going to be easy?

Prof. Dr. Max Planck tells us these are “natural numbers.” Sweet. Let’s build on one: Planck Time.  Can we assume one of those infinitesimal spheres pops with every infinitesimal unit of time? Reasonable? Rather outrageous, too, because I just did a quick calculation and came up with 539 tredecillion spheres per second. Why you could expand the universe with those kinds of numbers. And it’s all natural. 

Shall I go on? https://81018.com/hypostasis/

PS. Shall we call in the heavyweights! Who’s left now that Feynman is gone? How about Kip Thorne? …Maria Spiropulu? There’s gotta be somebody in our backyard who can make sense of such simplicity.