Upon learning about the work of Jean-Paul Delahaye…

Jean-Paul Delahaye, Professeur émérite à l’Université de Lille
Lille, Hauts-de-France, France

Articles: dblp, Logique & calcul, Scientific American
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Prime numbers (automatic translation, French to English)
π (automatic translation, French to English)
Review by Simon Plouffe

First email: 14 March 2021

Dear Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Delahaye:

Before I go too far out on the limb hanging over an Infinity Chasm, I think it would be good to check in with an expert who has given pi a bit of thought. I’ve backed into it all with the help of the writing of Stephen Strogatz and he’s been more than gracious with his time over the years.

I discovered your work through the writing of Zwirn Hervé who I discovered as a result of Bernard d’Espagnat. I just said in a note to Zwirn, “So, I am grateful to find you and to begin studying your work! Also, as a result of your collaborations with Jean-Paul Delahaye, I am looking in on his affections for π and nombres premiers.”

So, it is good to find you on the web!  You have done some extraordinary work. I am especially anxious to begin reading your research of pi and prime numbers. Thanks.

Most sincerely,


Prime Numbers (and whole numbers)