Cramer, John G.

John G. Cramer
Professor Emeritus of Physics
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Homepage: Rice University


First email:  Monday, December 14, 2020 @ 5:29 PM


Dear Prof. Dr. John G. Cramer:

Finally your June 22 note and references to your ArXiv symmetries’ article have come to my attention.

Congratulations on all that you’ve done and all that you are doing. I am enjoying getting to know you through all your work. I am on a rather different track.

I come out of Boston University with the likes of Cohen, Shimony, and Stachel, yet one-on-one studies with JP Vigier (IHP) and Costa de Beauregard (IHP) and long-time friendships with Ted Bastin and Viki Weisskopf (who opened the way for me to visit on occasion with Bell at CERN).

Yes, I was quite idiosyncratic even then. I now favor Turok’s perpetual starts. What if something were to manifest with the Planck base units? Might we assume Lemaitre’s primordial sphere? Thanks.


Your key words: Wheeler–Feynman; transactional interpretation; handshake;advanced; retarded; wave function collapse; collapse mechanism; EPR; HBT; Jaynes; NCT; split photon;Freedman–Clauser; nonlocality; entanglement