New mathematical ideas with Corrin Clarkson

Prof. Dr. Corrin Clarkson, New York University, NYC, NY

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First email: 29 November 2022 @ 11:57 AM

RE: CORE-UA 110 Great Ideas in Mathematics Clarkson.pdf (

“Two main goals: (1) to learn about new kinds of mathematical ideas that most of us had not seen before and (2) to gain a new appreciation for mathematics.”

Dear Prof. Dr. Corrin Clarkson:

From one of my many searches, I ended up on your page referenced above. I was charmed with the notion that all could expect to learn new mathematical ideas. In our walk into new mathematical lands, we found no less than 30 new ideas for us over a period of several years. And, as we went along our way, we discovered those ideas were also new for most others:

It all started with the tetrahedron:

Then the octahedrons with it:

Then came base-2 from the Planck Time to the current time in 202 notations: and most recently this peculiar object:

We have so much to learn and discover!