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Fabienne Casoli, President of the Paris Observatory,


First email: Monday, October 10 at 5:02 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Fabienne Casoli:

Congratulations on your work at the Observatoire de Paris – PSL. Long ago I made a special study at the Institut Henri Poincaré. One day I would meet with Olivier Costa de Beauregard to discuss the EPR paradox and two days later with Jean-Pierre Vigier. Their offices shared a wall, but they were quite opposed to each other’s position. I was trying, quite unsuccessfully, to negotiate a middle ground. One day, with Vigier and Bernard d’Espagnat, we discussed it all with Alain Aspect in d’Orsay. 

I wondered how you might respond to two basic questions:

1. Is the smoothness of the James Webb Space Telescope’s earliest universe a cause for concern? It seems some are concerned that it cannot be supported by big bang cosmology.  Sean Carrol said,  “…dark energy made the universe smooth out and accelerate, but it didn’t stick around for long.”

2.  Is the Guth-defined inflation cause for concern? Most of the old guard like ‘t Hooft, wave it off as a “one-time exception” because inflation was an expansion of space itself so an extralogic may apply. 


Warm regards,


PS. Have you ever had the nickname, Fabie. It was the natural password I placed in front of this file when this it was being developed. “Fabulous Fabie.” If you were my child, I would have driven you crazy with it! -BEC