Cathy Boucvalt: On evoking higher order thinking from our students

written by Cathy Boucvalt, a teacher at the Curtis School in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The concept of bringing math and science together and helping evoke thinking outside of the box, sadly, we don’t have too often in the classroom.

Our students are programmed to memorize, regurgitate, and proceed on with “learning” more.  Have we stopped them from actually dwelling and expanding on ideas without fear of being “stupid”?

Common Core, LEAP, and other current educational parameters are encouraging  educators to “teach to the test” rather than inspiring the young minds of our world.  We judge someone by their ACT, SAT, Standardized Tests, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc..

Let us all evoke higher order thinking from our students.

The Big Board – little universe  (BB-lu) uses base units (familiar term in middle school and above) and brings them to “life” in an understandable perspective. The Big Board – little universe,  in a quantifiable way, allows people to look at the most simple beginnings (the Planck base units) and logically expand out from there.

Could there possibly be any other model that actually explains so much in such simple terms?  I suspect not.  About   Home STEM  More…