OUP is Oxford University Press.

Meghan Wright
Oxford University Press
Covariant Physics, Moataz H. Emam, 2021
Oxford, England, UK

First email: 17 January 2022

Dear Ms. Meghan Wright:

Today I emailed Moataz H. Emam in reference to his 2021 OUP book, Covariant Physics.

I suggested the following:

  1. He needs a Wikipedia overview of his overall work. I’ve started Wikipedia pages for others, i.e. see Wikipedia for Patricio Letelier and the Wikipedia page for Dean Rickles. I could at least begin that pages for Moataz. I am well-beyond not “looking for business.” These pages I do because each is needed.
  2. There are 3975 inSPIREHEP references for covariant physics; many are online and possible to update. All these authors are de facto part of an Emam’s covariant cadre and they all need to be cross-referencing each other on very specific points related to covariance.

It seems that there are very few people who really try to sell an idea or concept. It is just too painful. Selling is part of my history and this covariant space is essential for the kind of “new physics” that I see coming, essentially a focus on parameter shifts and boundaries, especially extending our understanding of the finite/infinite covariance.

Shall I keep you updated on any progress from here? Thank you. Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. My references to that work: https://81018.com/emam/
https://81018.com/particle/#References (See #2)