Yonath, Ada E.

Ada E. Yonath

Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Structure and Assembly
Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot, 76100 Israel

Nobel Prize:  “…a dreamer”
YouTube: Antibiotics and so many others

Within this websiteThe incompleteness of most concepts

First email: 12 October 2019 @ 9:01 AM  (Revised)

Dear Prof. Dr. Ada Yonath:

What if we were to assume there is a continuum from the Planck scale to the large-scale structure of the universe? We can readily create one by multiplying the Planck scale by 2 (doublings or base-2 exponential notation) 202 times until we come to the age and size of the universe and the estimated mass and charge of the universe: https://81018.com/chart/

If that simple mathematical continuum is taken as a given, could we continue your mappings of structures? Maybe? Just gobbledygook?

Thank you.

Warm regards,