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  1. Drew Harrell, Tech Reporter, drewharwell.com
  2. Jeff Bezos, Wikipedia

First email to Drew Harrell: Friday, Jan 27, 2023, 4:04 PM 

Dear Drew:

Ultimately we need to get beyond our limited worldviews and get working on grasping a mathematically-integrated view of the universe. It is opens the way to such an intimate level of knowingness, we will all get better, more sensitive, and more open.

Here’s the start: https://81018.com It came out of a high school geometry class so it is very approachable. We even tested it within a sixth grade class. We should introduce it when the kids begin learning how to multiply by 2.

Best wishes,


P.S. My first shot at explaining it was as a STEM tool: https://81018.com/stem/
The first homepage: https://81018.com/home/
The chart of numbers: https://81018.com/chart/


Note to Jeff Bezos on March 2022

Dear Jeff Bezos: 

I just sent this tweet to the Washington Post where the byline is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.@washingtonpost So bring out your search lights and shine those lights into the darkest places! The first second of the the universe is the darkest, least known place: See Peebles: https://81018.com/peebles/ Here’s a start to define that second: https://81018.com/ 

Let’s talk about it.