Finding what is great within every nation and every person

4:25 PM · May 17, 2022 @POTUS Please don’t give up on any part of the USA or on any person. Our biggest problems result from incoherent scientific theories. We are breaking free of little worldviews and moving toward an integrated view of the universe — — is just a start!

There is an undeclared war of cultures within the USA complicating the vision that is the USA and her relation to this world and her 194 other nations (with all their territories).

Long ago I was a political person. Not any more. I decided in 1970 that we all need to know what is infinite and universal and what is finite and limited. We needed to focus on the good, grasp the moments of perfection, and limit evil. Unfortunately religions do not give us very clear answers. Yet, it turns out that science doesn’t either.

Mathematics gives us some clarity. There are dimensionless constants and foremost among them is pi (π). These are values not defined by a person, but defined by the universe. And, I will add defined by infinity as well. It seems that pi (π) gives us the best insights. And, those insights give us a new definition of infinity — continuity-symmetry-harmony. These facets define infinity and become the basis of our ethics and our grasp of value otherwise we become solipsistic. More to come…