Justin Timberlake and continuity-symmetry-harmony

What is on the other side of the wall?

Lay dozens of tetrahedrons, edge to edge, and you perfectly fill the plane. Now look on the other side! By the way, that’s Justin Timberlake and he just might write some lyrics lifting up continuity, symmetry and harmony. He calls it the hook and the bridge!

We all need to get our favorite musicians thinking about lyrics and music that help us to integrate within the entire universe, not just this tiny world.

Our leaders and thinkers need to be singing new songs with bigger lyrics.

This website will increasingly become a continuing education site for all our musicians. There are professors who can help. For example, at Boston University, we turn to Prof. Jason Yust, part of the Society for Music Theory. Here he is talking about the Fourier Transform!

We all need to understand simple things like pi and spheres a little more deeply.