November 22, 2018 and the Mayflower

Happy Thanksgiving


To all our family on this special day,

Of course, every day and every moment is a privilege. We shouldn’t ever take things for granted. And, always, we should be thankful.

Today’s our special day for all of us to slow down enough to count our blessings.

Many of you know that I have been working on a very simple, highly-integrated mathematical model of the universe. It is all contained within just 202 doublings, steps, or notations. In that process I’ve begun to realize how everything we think, say or do impacts our little universe. If we can mathematically encode the universe in just 202 intimately-related steps, the universe may appear ginormous, but it isn’t. It is just that our understanding of space and time are limited.

Within the 13.8± billion years, the human family is but a speck of time within this universe. So, the evolution of our family, is yet a smaller speck. And each generation, yet smaller.

The Pilgrims left from Plymouth, England on September 16 and made progress each day until they anchored on November 21. The Mayflower Compact was signed that day. It is a good day to visit what was once called the Plimoth Plantation and is now called Plimoth Patuxet Museums. More sensitive to the indigenous people who greeted the Pilgrims, we all have to have our unique Marblehead moments!

(Writing to the family… sister, brother, cousins, and more.)

Richard Warren, one of your many great-great… grandfathers,  appears 12th in the list of signatures.

You can follow the progression within the family with the little summary that follows Marion Davis Ifill (pictured). Many of us knew her as Nana.

We all share her DNA. We all share Richard Warren’s DNA. And, if we read closely, it appears that we also share the DNA of Samuel Baker, John Howland, and William White; all of them were on that Mayflower.

It seems with four tracks of DNA to the Mayflower, this not only should be our day of remembrance of things in which to be thankful, but also a remembrance of who you are and how you carry on a very special tradition.

We are only physically on this earth for a short time. Let us celebrate our days and live life to the fullest!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

With great love,