Standard Models And Beyond

This webpage is a summary page, an aggregation point for articles and resources to begin to grasp the Standard Model for Particle Physics, the Standard Model for Cosmology (ΛCDM Model), and current research that engage physics beyond these Standard Models. Also, the work of people like Robert Langlands and Edward Frenkel are considered as a possible conceptual starting point for a Standard Model for mathematics.

Within this website discussions about these Standard Models have been rather perfunctory:
•  July 16, 2018:  On being the arsenal of democracy in an age of algorithms
•  July 8, 2018:  202 Doublings of the Planck Base Units
•  February 18, 2018: Possibly the beginning of a new definition of the infinite
•  November 28, 2017: A Standard Model of Mathematics… and Langlands Programs
•  2016: A mathematical, highly-integrated chart of the observable universe and more

Over time, more references from within this website will be added. References to others’ work will be added below.

I.   Standard Models for Particle Physics: Consider Particle Physics. The theory describes three of the four known fundamental forces (the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions.  It does not include the gravitational force.

Much more to come…

II. Standard Model for Cosmology (ΛCDM Model or Lambda-CDM model)

Much more to come…

III.  Physics beyond the Standard Model

Much more to come:

Key Chart from Wilczek-Aquire-Reese-Tegmark,  11 January 2006

Key chart from David Gross:  The Quantum Structure of Space and Time: 23rd Solvay Conference, 2005